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Pan David Bish

David has been an online teacher, teacher, Director of Studies, materials developer and is currently leading academics for younger learners on Language Travel and International Language Campuses Junior Courses with an 16 year career at EF. His work in materials development has been twice shortlisted for the British Council ELTON awards for innovation in in Language Teaching. His doctoral thesis on increasing the efficiency of technology in the English Language classroom gave us the new theory of ‘Microblending’.

Pani Magda Dygała

Magdalena Dygała is a lecturer at the University of Technology and Humanities in Radom,Poland and also an EFL teacher at Electronic Technical Secondary School.

She has involved her students in various international projects in which they could collaborate with different students from around the world with the aim to develop their 21st century skills and foster cross-cultural understanding.

Magdalena is the founder and coordinator of International Video Competition 'A day in the life of students from different countries'. The aims of the project is to empower students and teachers from diverse communities to share their school life and then to take part in global discussions and investigations of their local environments. Together with her high school and university students, they organised an action of collecting money for a group of 270 students from Chambu Primary School in Malawi, Africa.

In 2014 Magdalena was one of the winners of the International Headway Scholarship and participated in a 2-week professional development course at Exeter College in Oxford. She was awarded the title 'The best Teacher of English 2018’ organised by British Alumni Society and nominated to the

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